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Every aspect of this time-tested estate planning solution is presented in a specific topic, supplemented by additional content: expert opinions, infographics, statistics, case studies, interviews, analyses, testimonials, etc.
With this white paper on life insurance, you will be able to explore topics as varied as the benefits, wealth and estate planning, mobility, asset protection, taxation, the Freedom to Provide Services and unit-linked policies.

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Portability of a policy from France to Portugal

How to optimise one's estate and inheritance thanks to a unit-linked life insurance policy when transferring residence to another country?

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Find the all contributions (interviews, articles, infographics, ...) on Luxembourg life insurance. Feel free to use the filters to refine your search.

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Why choose Luxembourg?

The strengths of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Life Insurance 360 - The white paper on Luxembourg life insurance 

Life Insurance 360 is a leading website on Luxembourg life insurance.  It is a digital white paper designed as a platform in which you will find exclusive content explaining the principles and functioning of the Luxembourg unit-linked life insurance policy. Here you will find articles, infographics, video interviews and case studies on topics such as: the unit-linked contract, the parties to the contract, pledge, underlying assets, portability and estate planning.