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Life insurance in Luxembourg: a unique investment concept that combines wealth management with financial and estate planning. Luxembourg life insurance offers numerous advantages: optimal protection for policyholders thanks to the triangle of security. It combines flexibility through a diversified investment offer and flexible definition of the components of the life insurance policy. Luxembourg life insurance policies are designed for European and international clients.

In this white paper on Luxembourg life insurance, you can explore topics as varied as its advantages, wealth and estate planning, mobility, asset protection, taxation, the Free Provision of Services and unit-linked policies. Each facet of the Luxembourg life insurance contract is revealed through a specific theme, enhanced by ancillary content: experts' points of view, infographics, statistics, case studies, interviews, analyses, testimonials, etc.

Understand Luxembourg life insurance

Here you will find all the content on Luxembourg life insurance: definition of life insurance, triangle of security, unit-linked policies, parties to the contract (custodian bank, manager), mobility, estate planning in various forms (interviews, articles, infographics, etc.).
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Life Insurance 360 - The white paper on Luxembourg life insurance 

Life Insurance 360 is a leading website on Luxembourg life insurance.  It is a digital white paper designed as a platform in which you will find exclusive content explaining the principles and functioning of the Luxembourg unit-linked life insurance policy. Here you will find articles, infographics, video interviews and case studies on topics such as: the unit-linked contract, the parties to the contract, pledge, underlying assets, portability and estate planning.