Case Study: Portability France - Italy

How can a life insurance policy be used to plan for expatriation and to provide a global solution for wealth planning which not only ensures additional income but also prepares for the transfer of these assets to the next generation? Find out in this case study.

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The contents of this theme
Reading time: 3 min

Portability of a policy from France to Portugal

How to optimise one's estate and inheritance thanks to a unit-linked life insurance policy when transferring residence to another country?
Reading time: 15 min

Life insurance in a Franco-Belgian context

Handling of a life insurance contract between France and Belgium?
Reading time: 7 minutes

Why choose Luxembourg?

The strengths of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Use of the Luxembourg life insurance policy in a France-Italy expatriation.

One can use a Luxembourg life insurance contract in the context of an expatriation in order to have a global solution for wealth planning but also to have additional income and to prepare its transmission to the next generation.