Compare the way contracts are processed according to the legislation of the policyholder's country of residence.

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Reading time: 5 min

A comparison of financial centres: Luxembourg and Ireland

7 points of comparison between these 2 life insurance market places.
Reading time: 5 minutes

Portability of the life insurance contract: what characteristics needs to be adapted when relocating?

When expatriating, it is sometimes necessary to adapt some aspects of the life insurance contract.
Reading time: < 7 min

Pledges of insurance policies

Pledging possibilities of the life insurance contract according to the country of residence.
Reading time: < 5 min

Distribution of life insurance policies within and outside the EU: insight

Under what conditions can Luxembourg life insurance policies be distributed outside Europe?
Reading time: 5 minutes

Comparison of different policyholder protection mechanisms in Europe

How is the policyholder of a life insurance policy protected in different European countries?
Reading time: 3 min

Unit-linked versus euro funds

7 points of comparison between euro funds and units of account.