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Depending on the country of residence, on which parts of the policy should a wealth transfer strategy be based?

By - Bâloise Vie International
  France Luxembourg United Kingdom Belgium Germany Portugal
Disposition of the policy in a will     x      
Assignment of the rights under the policy and change of policyholer   X X
Gift of part of the policy, or of the policy itself, is possible
Assignment of the contractual position           X
Assignment during his lifetime or post-mortem assignment   X   X   X
Nomination of beneficiaries in the beneficiary clause of the policy X X X
Implementation of a beneficiary clause in the case of a policy drawn up under civil law[2]
Great flexibility in the drafting of the beneficiary clause. X
Dismembered beneficiary clause
Beneficiary clause with options
Beneficiary clause with charges
X X[2] X
Dismembered beneficiary clause
Possible joint subscription X X X X X X
Possible dismembered subscription X X   X X  
Possible nomination of several insured persons, and settlement on the death of the last insured, in order to delay transfer 2 insured persons maximum[1] 2 insured persons maximum[1] 6 insured persons maximum[3] 2 insured persons maximum 2 insured persons maximum 2 insured persons maximum

[1] If the matrimonial regime of the co-subscribers so permits
[2] For a person living in the UK who is not a British national (e.g. a French national who is Non Deemed Domiciled in the UK), the ability to choose the law of their nationality
[3] If the policy is drawn up under UK law, the insured persons must represent an insurable interest for the policyholder (i.e. he himself or, in principle, his spouse)