Tax & Wealth Planning

Baloise Vie Luxembourg

The Tax & Wealth Planning department within Baloise Vie Luxembourg was created in 2018 and includes of 5 collaborators. 

Its main missions are:

- Monitoring local and international tax developments as well as European tax developments through the various directives, with the aim, among other things, of keeping contracts documentation up-to-date and offering tailor-made solutions to each market ;

- Checking at an early stage the acceptance of wealth management offers to Baloise’s clients.

- Assisting clients in the search for and implementation of particular and tailor-made structures, both for Luxembourg company structures (SOPARFI, SPF, FIS, SICAR, securitisation vehicles) and for non-Luxembourg company structures or asset protection vehicles (trusts, foundations,...) in the context of life insurance ;

- Analysing legal and fiscal possibilities for asset transfers ;

- Accompanying clients and responding to all their requests regarding wealth management offers and the personalisation of life insurance contracts on: 

  • Structuring; 
  • Estate and tax planning; 
  • Portability;
  • Analysis of non-traditional assets (i.e. private equity); 
  • Drafting, writing or check of beneficiary clauses;
  • Implementing specific structures (e.g. dismembered subscriptions, growth clauses, conventional return, etc.);

In addition, the Tax & Wealth Planning department works closely with the commercial department to ensure the various dossiers follow-up and supports the preparation of commercial events with the sales, assets and marketing teams.


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