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Aurélie Bieche worked as a Wealth Planner in the Tax & Wealth Planning Department of Baloise Vie Luxembourg till august 2020.

Aurélie took a Masters 2 degree in Economic Management Law with a specialisation in Wealth Management in 2012 and began her career as a Wealth Engineer at a Family Office in France. In 2016, she joined a life insurance company in Luxembourg in the same role.

She worked for Baloise from January 2018 till August 2020 as a Wealth Planner. As part of her role, she assisted the Company's other departments by analysing and proposing wealth planning solutions which are legally and fiscally applicable for both customers and partners.

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The parties in the insurance contract

Which players ensure the smooth operation of a Luxembourg life insurance policy?
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The Sapin II Law: consumer protection or confiscation of savings ?

What impact does the Sapin II law have on life insurance contracts?