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Life Insurance 360 is the 1st 100% digital white paper on Luxembourg unit-linked life insurance.

Life Insurance 360 addresses all aspects of this proven estate planning solution through content published periodically on topics such as: advantages, wealth and estate planning, mobility, asset protection, taxation, Freedom to Provide Services and unit-linked contracts.
The themes below bring together the different aspects of life insurance contracts addressed in the white paper.
You can also download the Life Insurance 360 white paper written by Baloise experts with exclusive information.

International mobility and portability of life insurance policies

Impact of cross-border mobility on the life-insurance contract portability.

Life insurance as part of estate planning

The Luxembourg life insurance policy offers substantial advantages in an estate planning process.

Capitalisation policies: definition & functioning

What are the characteristics of the capitalisation contract and its use?

Pledge, assignment of debts, assignment of rights: the guarantees on a life insurance contract

What are the different types of guarantees on a life insurance contract?

The underlying assets, definitions and examples

Traditional and less traditional assets that can be combined as underlying assets within a life insurance contract.

Parties to the Life Insurance Policy

The key players of the ecosystem that makes the Luxembourg life insurance contract so attractive.

The protection of assets

Luxembourg's creditor protection system or "triangle of security": one of the great advantages of the life insurance contract.

The Freedom to Provide Services

Luxembourg is a true financial ecosystem for HNWI clients, notably thanks to the Freedom to Provide Services.

Unit-linked policies

Discover the flexibility offered by unit-linked policies.

The fundamentals of life insurance

Life insurance in all its forms is today an essential asset management tool.

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In addition to being a digital platform, Life Insurance 360 is also a white paper written by Baloise Vie Luxembourg's in-house experts. This white paper, divided into 10 chapters, covers the themes developed in the Life Insurance 360 platform: the fundamentals of life insurance, the Freedom to Provide Services, the unit-linked contract, the assets protection, the parties to the life insurance contract, the underlying assets, pledge of a life insurance contract, the Luxembourg capitalisation contract, estate planning, the portability of the life insurance contract. It includes exclusive content.