Statistics on Unit-Linked Policies

Luxembourg: centre of expertise for the management of unit-linked policies.

Luxembourg has always been a centre of expertise for creating and delivering dedicated life insurance solutions for international clients. Its strengths lie particularly in its flexibility regarding investments and in the ability to combine various types of financial vehicles. But what is the position in practice? Is Luxembourg any different from other European countries in terms of its expertise in this field?

Luxembourg far ahead of Europe

Historically, in Luxembourg, more than 66% of the investments underlying life insurance policies have almost always been of the unit-linked type, unlike the rest of Europe, where the proportion of premiums linked to investment funds rarely represents more than 25% of the total gross premiums.


Proportion of unit-linked life insurance premiums1

And its neighbours

More specifically, when comparing Luxembourg with other European countries such as Belgium, France and Italy which together collect one third of the gross premiums paid in the EEA, it is clear that 75% of the life insurance premiums paid in Luxembourg for 2017 were linked to investment funds, compared with just 33%, at most, for the three countries mentioned.


Life insurance premiums, proportion linked to investment funds in 20172

Luxembourg confirms its position as a centre of excellence for wealth management, thanks in particular to the flexibility of the investments offered by life insurance policies.


Source for Europe: - data not available for 2017 and 2018.
Source for Luxembourg: the Commissariat aux Assurances - excluding 2018, source Association des compagnies d'assurance et de réassurance
Source and the Commissariat aux Assurances

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The advantages of unit-linked policies

The advantages of the life insurance contract include a high degree of flexibility and security.
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Statistics on Unit-Linked Policies

Luxembourg, leader in the management of unit-linked life insurance contracts.
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The various available investment vehicles

The diversity of the investment vehicles of the Luxembourg life insurance contract explained in video infographics.
Luxembourg, leader in the management of unit-linked life insurance contracts.

Historically, 66% of investments in life insurance contracts are made in unit-linked contracts, unlike the rest of Europe where 75% of gross premiums are invested in euro-denominated funds. Luxembourg confirms its position as a true financial hub for the management of High Net Worth Individuals.