The various available investment vehicles

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The Luxembourg unit-linked life insurance policy offers a high degree of freedom in the choice of assets thanks to a clear, progressive and flexible approach.
All these investments vehicles are available in the contract:


  • External funds:

    • an external fund is a collective investment undertaking set up outside the insurance company and subject to authorisation and regulatory procedures by a state appointed supervisory authority. (Example: Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), Investment funds, etc.). External funds allow:
      • Diversity of managers;
      • Diversity of risk classes;
      • Diversity of geographic areas:
  • Internal collective funds:

    • a collection of assets, segregated from an insurance company, with or without a performance guarantee, and open to multiple subscribers. An internal collective fund allows:
      • Standardised and simplified management of the underlying assets;
      • Distribution and subscription standardised;
      • Creation by the partner of a simple, standard, personalised management envelope.
  • Dedicated internal fund:

    • a dedicated fund without a guaranteed return which serves as the investment vehicle for a single policy, the management of which is outsourced to a professional asset manager. A dedicated internal fund allows:
      • Diversity in the choice of the different stakeholders;
      • Broad range of underlying assets, depending on the amounts invested;
      • Discretionary management.
  • Specialised Insurance Fund:

    • a dedicated fund without a guaranteed return which serves as the investment vehicle for a single policy, which is managed directly by the subscriber (assisted by his advisor). A specialised insurance fund allows:
      • The choice of assets is made by the policyholder;
      • Great freedom in choice of assets.

A Luxembourg unit-linked life insurance policy makes it possible to hold all these different investment vehicles, depending on the amounts invested.

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Luxembourg, leader in the management of unit-linked life insurance contracts.
Life insurance contract and range of investment vehicles.

The Luxembourg unit-linked life insurance contract allows you to invest in a wide range of investment vehicles. There are external funds, established outside the insurance company. The Luxembourg life insurance contract also allows internal funds: collective internal funds, dedicated funds and specialised insurance funds. All these investment vehicles are regulated by circular 15/3 of the Commissariat aux Assurances.