Lawyer – Cabinet Artesia

Olivier Roumelian has been a member of the Paris Bar for almost 25 years. After enriching experiences in national and international law firms, in France and abroad, he has opted for individual practice. Since 2015, Olivier Roumelian is the founder of Artesia law firm. 

Olivier Roumelian provides tax advice and litigation services to companies and individuals. He is also involved in business law, where he assists entrepreneurs from the creation to the transfer of their business.

Since 2002, Mr. Olivier Roumelian has also developed a speciality in life insurance, both French and international. He thus advises numerous French and foreign insurers, in particular Luxembourg ones. He also defends his clients in the context of litigation.

Olivier Roumelian is a regular speaker at conferences, upon request of professionals, (insurers, bankers or professional organisations). 

He regularly writes articles, mainly on life insurance.

He also provides training courses at the Lyon Insurance Institute for Master 2 students.

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