Legal Adviser – Baloise Vie Luxembourg

Marianne Michelet is Legal Adviser within the Legal International Life department.

She holds a Master in Law, Economics, Management, with a specialization in Business Law and cross-border Business Law. Marianne began her career in 2016 as a Legal Advisor with an insurance company located in Luxembourg. In 2018, she joined another life insurance company in Luxembourg to assume the same position.

Marianne joined Baloise Vie Luxembourg in January 2019 as a Legal Adviser. As part of her role, she is in charge of monitoring regulatory developments related to the company's activities on the Luxembourg market and participates in European legal and regulatory projects such as PRIIPS, MIFID and EMIR. She also advises the company's internal departments and its partners on legal issues related to the Luxembourg market.

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Assignments of debt and pledges

What are the differences and similarities between an assignment of debt and a pledge of a life insurance policy?